Euybike is Launching the Canadian Market Today

Euybike is Launching the Canadian Market Today
Euybike is ready to open the Canadian market.

Euybike is ready to make waves in the Canadian e-bike market with the launch of our high-quality, long-range, affordable fat tire e-bike. Euybike hopes to revolutionize Canada's urban transportation problem with gasoline vehicles through our electric bikes and provide environmentally friendly transportation options for Canadian cities. With our technology accumulation in the US market, Euybike is expected to become one of Canada's top electric bike manufacturers.

Euybike has gained recognition in the U.S. bike market for its unique design and high specifications, and many customers have been asking if they can buy them in Canada. Due to logistics reasons, we are unable to ship directly from the United States to Canada. After more than 4 months of preparation, we are ready to officially open our Canadian official website on October 5, 2023. As part of their expansion efforts, we will be offering exclusive promotional offers to Canadian customers who have been following us. Starting October 5, 2023, Canadian customers will receive a $100 CAD discount and enjoy a significant discount when purchasing two e-bikes.

About Euybike:

Euybike entered the e-bike industry in 2014. We are an electric bike company that loves to listen to our customers' suggestions. We only offer the best electric bikes at affordable prices. You will enjoy your bike for years to come for the least amount of money! We've always believed that getting out on the road and exploring the world is the best way to live life.

"We're excited to bring Euybike to Canada," said Euybike mechanic Tom. "Canada has beautiful scenery and is an ideal market for euybikes. As soon as I imagined myself riding a Euybike s4 electric bike under the Rocky Mountains, and I could enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, I felt very excited. I believe that Euybike can not only provide It provides Canadians with new ways to travel and also contribute to reducing carbon emissions."

Euybike will bring a full range of long-distance fat tire bikes to Canada, including the Euybike S4, Euybike K6 Pro, and Euybike F6. These bikes are mainly known for their long range, with a range of 60-80 miles on a single charge. We will sell Euybike S4 and Euybike F6 first, and Euybike K6 Pro will go on sale one month later.

Euybike S4 is a moped-style e-bike, its shape is a bit like a retro motorcycle. It can meet your needs for wild adventures. It is equipped with 20x4.0 fat tires, a powerful 1000 Watt motor, and a peak 1500watt, allowing you to easily climb hills.

The Euybike K6 Pro is an Upgrade of Euy’s flagship K6 e-bike. It features an even more powerful 1000W motor and a unique magnesium alloy frame. It allows one to reach top speeds with minimal power.

Euybike F6 e-bike is specially designed for urban commuters. While providing a smooth and comfortable riding experience, it also has a folding function. You can fold it and take it on public transportation to meet your diverse travel requirements.

In order to better enter the Canadian market, Euybike hopes to establish a local distribution network and customer support system. This move enables Euybike to provide timely and efficient services to Canadian customers, ensuring a seamless experience from purchase to after-sales support. If you operate an offline bike store in Canada, welcome to contact us to become a dealer in our Canadian market. Contact email: Please include your store address and photos when contacting us. We do not accept online dealers for the time being.

For more information about Euybike and its range of e-bikes, please visit and if you have any questions please email

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